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2018 Coach of the Year Nominees 

Coach Brian Harrington

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Coach Brian Harrington

Owner of Harrington Sports Performance and Transform Fitness and Training


Coach Brian has the most well known widespread sports performance programs in all of Westchester County and the greater New York area. He has over 400 athletes enrolled in his program. Harrington Sports Performance trains over 15 teams and clubs annually. A brand new sports performance facility has just contracted Harrington Sports Performance to be there official strength and conditioning program. This facility will see over 2000 athletes seasonally. He is also the official strain think edition coach of New York soccer club which is 340 team soccer club. He has brought an educated and innovative training method to Westchester County and New York

Coach Harrington has expanded his roster to over 400 athletes annually. His program trains over 20 teams and clubs annually. Most recently his program has become the official strength and conditioning company of Ophir fields.

Coach Harrington has been a pioneer with partnering local clubs, teams, schools and organizations. He is also a physical education
teacher in the south bronx at a very underfunded public school. He single handily build a fitness room by getting donations from clients and other schools. He also built a performance program for underprivileged athletes in the Bronx.

Coach David Hernandez


Coach David Hernandez

Owner Pride Performance 

Certifications: MSPC

Coach Hernandez is one of the most dedicated people to his work I know, he is up and training everyday at 4 in the morning and does not stop till 10 at night. When he trains he does it right, he puts the training and certificates he has into play and takes no short cuts because he wants his athletes to be safe and he wants them to get the best out of their training, the most important thing to him is technique and quality reps. Coach Hernandez makes every athlete feel like they are his athlete not just another payday, he takes quality time to invest into each and every one of his athletes and cuts none short, he even travels town to town to make sure his athletes get their training.
Overall coach Hernandez is an outstanding performance coach that goes out of his way to make every athlete he trains the best they can
possibly be, he believes in his athletes more than they believe in themselves and wants the best for all of them.

During 2018 Coach Hernandez received his master sports performance certification. Coach Hernandez had athletes take away all-district
and all-state honors which is a great accomplishment not only for his athletes but also for him.

Coach Hernandez has donated so much time and work to the sports performance industry but also to the community. He invested time by going into summer programs and running them for athletes and for schools to improve how they are able to train from now on and also how the athletes move and play their game. He brought in new ideas to Midland Christian and those changes were put into play in their off season because he showed them during the summer how they could bring in new things to improve their athletes and the bought into it and now are using it in their off season. His student athletes always get the best experience when training with him because he gives them not only training but knowledge, he lets them know why they do what they are doing so they understand it and he makes sure
his athletes are taken care of, he travels between 3 cities to make sure his athletes needs are met which to me is amazing. Overall Coach Hernandez gives his time and knowledge to his community, the sports performance industry and to his athletes.

Coach Bobby Smith


Coach Bobby Smith

Owner RYPT – Reach Your Potential Training

Certifications : Masters of Science in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, MSPC

Coach Smith constantly goes above and beyond his duties as a leader in High school and College sports performance and as a mentor in the Sports performance community.  Most recently he received his Masters of Science in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention proving his constant passion for learning and growing as a coach.

Coach Smith is a regular contributor to Monmouth Athletics, as a donor of time as well as a javelin coach to local area athletes. He ongoing support on an off the field, court, and track for all his local athletes is of utmost importance to him.
He is a huge proponent of allowing kids of limited resources to work at RYPT in exchange for training. This allowed many of their best coaches and athletes the opportunity to work at RYPT and train for free.


Coach Mike Yudin

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.16.05 PM

Coach Mike Yudin

Owner Team Yudin Training

Certifications: MSPC, High School Strength & Conditioning Coach, FMS, NESTA, TRX, DVRT, Battling Ropes Certified, IYCA (Youth Nutrition Specialist)

Coach Yudin has been a strength and conditioning coach for more than a decade and has one of the biggest personal training
businesses in Southern CA. He has worked with athletes from all over the world (ex. Japan, Korea, across the USA). These athletes range from youth levels all the way to the elite levels in various sports. He graduated from Cal State Northridge in 2006.

Coach Yudin has dominated baseball/ softball training out in the Santa clarity valley. His athletes yearly get college scholarships and always come back to train with him.  Within the past year Coach Yudin has coached: 6 players that were drafted in the MLB Draft, helped 8 athletes get scholarships, and helped 15 athletes committed to their college.

Mike has set the bar very high for training HS baseball/ softball athletes. Not only do they perform very well but they always come back
and trust him to their training whether during college or into their pro career.

Coach Mike Zangl

Mike Zangl_Head Shot #1

Coach Mike Zangl

Strength and Conditioning Coach/Lead Performance Movement Specialist

Certifications: MA, CSCS, FMS, MSPC


Mike Zangl is currently a strength and conditioning coach at Concordia University in Irvine, CA with the main responsibility of developing the Top 5 nationally ranked stunt team.

Mike has committed countless hours to designing a comprehensive program for our athletes at Concordia. He has impacted our student-athletes not just in the weight room but in many facets of life to make them better people and citizens. The incredible part is, he is doing this while working for a juggernaut in FMS and putting in 15 hour days between the two roles and completing a second graduate degree. He is bringing the latest information to our student-athletes which is inching us closer to having the best program in the country. His time management is unrivaled and family- oriented core values is a game changer for the culture of our institution.

Mike has advanced the student-athletes at Concordia and industrial athletes in California and Nevada by providing genuine guidance in
the areas of movement, habit building for nutrition, and recovery strategies. Although no formal awards, he would tell you the most
rewarding thing is getting to help thousands of people on a consistent basis. The biggest coaching accomplish is his ability to bring
together sport coaches to fully understand the strength side of development which has drastically improved our program.

Mike has not only serviced the student-athletes at Concordia but the industrial athletes which keep our communities running smooth. His role at FMS is to prepare the industrial athletes responsible for keeping the lights on in the community, keeping the community safe, and allow people to fill this out using Wi-Fi (Sounds crazy, right?). His commitment to growth and contribution hits all facets, from sport athletes to the industrial athletes. I can count on one hand how many people can service the industrial athlete each day, the collegiate
student-athlete, and personally grow consistently. Without his commitment to all areas, industrial athletes would be less prepared to help rebuild communities affected by the California Wildfires and other tragic events recently occurring. The Concordia student-athletes would also be less prepared to endure the stressors of being a highly competitive student-athlete without his the commitment made each day toward providing a positive experience.