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New Speed & Agility Training Course for
Sports Performance Coaches

The original NSPA Certified Speed & Agility Coach course, the gold standard of speed development certifications, is almost 9 years old! It's time...we have decided to update and upgrade this course.

Make the best even better.

And to kick this off, we are going to let an exclusive group of charter coaches go through the new course. As a beta to test how a live version will go, we are going to make this course live and virtual, and only have a small group of coaches attend.


The Certified Speed & Agility Coach Course improve your knowledge and understanding of speed & agility and athletic development. We’ve designed the certification’s information, strategies, and drills for you to use immediately in your own programming.


First, we teach you the foundational concepts of speed & agility training. If you need to know it as a coach for speed and athletic development, we teach it in the certification.


Then, we teach you exactly how to apply this information to your work in the gym or in practice to optimize your athletes’ speed and performance.


You’ll learn a system for improving the speed & agility. And you'll be able to develop team speed for your athletes that translates to their on the field or on the court performance – regardless of age or sport.


No other speed education program has that focus.


The Certified Speed & Agility Coach Course offers a comprehensive development curriculum for coaches of all sports that wish to improve their athletes team. The CSAC course is a mix of live video presentations and handout materials.

Through the detailed modules, you'll explore key areas such as the science of speed & agility, athlete (profiling) assessment, coaching philosophies, biomechanics, speed, game speed, team speed, strength, teaching progressions, cueing, corrective speed strategies, physiology, program design, planning and periodization and sample programs.

Concepts cover warm-up and practice prep, power development, acceleration, top end speed, speed endurance, sprinting mechanics, lateral speed, change of direction, and agility.


Each video lesson will also have a downloadable PDF. We will meet synchronously via Zoom one day per week with each week’s lesson recorded and uploaded for later review or in the event the student was unable to view that week’s lesson. Lesson PDFs have been provided to serve as a convenient place to take notes while participating in the course as taught by the author/instructor.

At the completion of each unit of the course, an electronic quiz has been provided to assess student learning. The multiple-choice quizzes provide a quick and effective means to ensure students are grasping the course material before moving on to the next unit of the course. Each quiz is worth 10 points, with 100 points possible collectively.

Final Exam

A course grade will be provided based upon student performance on the quizzes and one final exam. At the completion of the course, a 50-question multiple choice assessment will be provided to assess student learning. The final exam is worth 100 points.


The Certified Speed & Agility Coach course will be taught live (virtually).

START DATE: June 19th, 2024
END DATE: July 31st, 2024
DAY: Wednesdays
TIME: 12pm EST Via Zoom

*Each live virtual lesson will be recorded in case you can't make one of the meetings.

The Certified Speed & Agility Coach (CSAC) Course

The NEW Certified Speed & Agility Coach (CSAC) course teaches you updated concepts of speed and agility development and training. 

You’ll learn a system for improving the all aspects of athletic speed development. Plus, you will be able to apply the information immediately to your current program. You will have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, effective program looks like and understand the why's behind successful programs.

* Note: Since the New Certified Speed & Agility Coach is a live virtual course, it is limited to 100 coaches. This charter group of coaches will be the first group to go through the new CSAC course. Registration will close once the course starts or 100 registered coaches is reached

Become a Certified Speed & Agility Coach!

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