Certified Sports Performance Coach


The Most Practical Sports Performance Certification Geared For You To Become A Better Sports Performance And Strength & Conditioning Coach To Gain Better Results With Your Athletes!

The Essentials of Sports Performance & Coaching Practice

This course is designed to provide the foundational level information pertinent to the aspiring sports performance professionals. Providing firm theoretical and practical underpinnings upon which to build sound coaching practice. If you are looking to become a Sports Performance Coach or are currently working with athletes and want to become a better coach, then this course is for you!

This is the most up-to-date information in the industry. Topics include modern periodization theory and practice, plyometric concepts & application, Olympic lift teaching progressions, care & prevention of basic athletic injuries, speed and agility fundamentals, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning programs, and basics of sports nutrition relevant to the sports performance and coaching professional.

Become a Certified Sports Performance Coach and learn the latest in strength & conditioning information design specifically for those working with and training athletes!


Upon successful completion of this course, the professional should be able to:

  • Describe and discuss the basics of sports injury recognition and management. Describe the Sports Performance Coach’s role in the injury, rehabilitation, and return to play process.
  • List and describe the historical and contemporary models of exercise programming and progression theory, including periodization and conjugate models.
  • Describe and discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of plyometric training and speed & agility training. Detail its history and use in contemporary training programs.
  • Describe and discuss the major Olympic lifts and detail the appropriate teaching progressions for each.
  • Identify, list, and describe the macro and micronutrients relevant to the training athlete and discuss the steps involved in fueling for peak performance.
  • Identify, list, and describe the primary supplements and potential performance enhancing substances commonly used/abused in the competitive sports world..


Here are the topics covered in the Certified Sports Performance Coach course:

  • Module 1Course Intro and Tissue Response to Injury
  • Module 2Programming Basics: Periodization & Program Implementation
  • Module 3Warm-up, Flexibility, & Mobility
  • Module 4Foundations of Strength Training
  • Module 5Teaching & Using the Olympic lifts
  • Module 6Foundations of Plyometric Training
  • Module 7Aerobic Conditioning Programs
  • Module 8Anaerobic Conditioning/Interval Programs
  • Module 9Athletic Testing & Assessment
  • Module 10Sports Injury Recognition & Management Basics
  • Module 11: Speed & Agility Training Principles
  • Module 12Sports Nutrition Basics
  • Module 13Supplements & Performance-Enhancing Substances


Online Study Material

The NSPA includes everything you need to earn a Sports Performance Coach Certification. Our course material is regularly audited to ensure it includes the latest information in exercise science and practical in-the-field training information. We provide a video lecture of each module for a convenient study option. You can take this course at your own pace.

Each lesson has been provided video session with a follow along downloadable PDF. These pdf's are used as reference guides that walks you through the certification course module-by-module, allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to pass the final exam.

Online Quizzes

At the completion of each unit of the course, an electronic quiz has been provided to assess student learning. This helps you prepare for your final exam as you study!

Take practice exams and module quizzes to ensure you're ready to pass the final exam and earn your sports performance certification. These practice quizzes will not affect your final score, they are just here to help you pass and earn your certification!

The multiple-choice quizzes provide a quick and effective means to ensure students are grasping the course material before moving on to the next unit of the course.

Final Exam

A course grade will be provided based upon student performance on the final exam. At the completion of the course, a digital multiple choice assessment will be provided to assess student learning.


Dr. Toby Brooks is your instructor for the Foundations of Sports Performance course.

Dr. Brooks serves as the Director of Education for the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA). A native of Golconda, Illinois, he completed his undergraduate studies in athletic training and was named one of the Top 25 Graduating Seniors at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He then accepted a graduate assistant athletic trainer position at the University of Arizona. At the U of A, he completed both his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Physical Education while working with the Wildcat women’s gymnastics, football, and baseball programs.

After completing his studies, Brooks has worked as a certified athletic trainer and/or strength coach with numerous professional, collegiate, and high school athletics programs, including the USA Baseball national teams, the Oakland Raiders, the Florida Firecats AF2 Football franchise, and the Southern Illinois Miners Frontier League Baseball team. He has published multiple articles and studies, and presents regularly at national and international conferences.

Brooks is currently an Associate Professor and Program Director of the Master of Athletic Training Program at the Texas Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock.


The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has approved all National Sports Performance Association course for CEU’s. The Certified Sports Performance Association course has been approved by NASM for 1.9 continuing education credits.

It’s great to be recognized by another major organization like the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have them validate the quality information our course provides.

Key Concepts for the Sports Performance Coach

The Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPC) course teaches you the foundational concepts of sports performance training. If you need to know it as a coach, we teach it in the certification.

You’ll learn a system for improving the all aspects of strength and conditioning for sport. You’ll have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, effective program looks like and understand the why's behind successful programs.

And if you are hiring coaches to work under you, the Certified Sports Performance Coach certification course will provide them with the knowledge they need to become an asset to your program. You will give your coaches the solid baseline that all sports performance coaches need.

The Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPC) is for coaches who want to learn and apply proven in-the-field and scientific information geared towards improving athletic performance. This certification shows that you have specific strength and conditioning knowledge for athletes. It shows you know and understand program design, speed & agility training, Olympic lifting, sports nutrition, conditioning, injury prevention - all in relation to athlete development. You will be recognized as a true professional in sports performance as a Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPC).

Become a Certified Sports Performance Coach!

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