Jeff Johnson

Chief Biscuit Dunker

Jeff enjoys making funny faces at people when they’re not looking. He’s passionate about great design and exploring new ways to deliver better user experience. You may catch him shopping for clothes online or watching old episodes of Stargate SG-1.


Terry Griffith

Master Handshaker

Terry is passionate about development, likes basketball and ice-cream. In her spare time Terry uses her creative talents to make board games, experiment with digital art and play wahoo.


Cameron Ridley

Director of Fun

Cameron achieves a clients vision using a combination of being a project management super-freak and strategic advice guru. He also recruits players for the National Air Hockey League and hopes to have the “sport” recognized for inclusion in the next Olympics. 


Mark Watson

Creativity Analyst

If great design is good, Mark is an uber-super-mega designer and that’s great! He’s forgotten more about pixels than you’ll ever know. Mark is also growing an asymmetrical beard using the power of thought.


Linda Clark

Grand Master of Underlings

Linda is crazy about people and getting things done. She is project management on steroids! Known for her exceptional origami skill, she regularly decorates her co-workers offices with colorful paper cranes.


Rodney Davis

Dream Alchemist

Rodney might be the single most confident front-end developer we’ve ever met. His (slight) obsession with making videos of floating plastic bags is only made weirder by his (nearly) debilitating fear of extreme gravity. His favorite song is My Girl by The Temptations.