Certified Speed & Agilty Coach Level II 

When Unique Opportunities Arise, You Have To Be Prepared To Capitalize…  

Being certified and having credentials is important. Having experience can open up doors. Being one of only a few that have a deep understanding and skill set in multi-directional speed is a life changing opportunity.  

Commitment to be the best you can be means being committed to searching out the game-changing opportunities that set you apart from the rest.  

A commitment Lee Taft and the NSPA made many years ago was to provide an opportunity for you to attain knowledge of the foundational and fundamental skills of multi-directional speed. We created an online certification called the Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC). This certification served two purposes. The first was to make you the most knowledgeable coach on identifying, assessing, coaching, and correcting the many qualities that go into multi-directional speed. 

The second purpose was to provide you with a credential, a certification that gave you a leg up on the competition. This certification is being recognized globally as a trusted credential that says you have been educated in the indepth details of multi-directional speed. Since releasing the CSAC, the feedback has proven we have provided just what we set out to accomplish.  

As with any online certification, even the incredible depth we went into with the CSAC, there are limitations. We knew this going into it. The next stage, we planned for was to take only those serious coaches wanting to be the absolute best at what they do down the path to elite level coaching.  

Introducing the Level-2 Hands-On CSAC-Elite Course.

There was never a doubt we had to provide the highest level of understanding about multi-directional speed coaching. The question was when did we feel you would be ready. After having many conversations with CSAC coaches and watching the understanding and growth mindset of how the concepts and strategies must be implemented we felt it was time to dive deep.  

The Level-2 CSAC-Elite is a two- day intensive course designed to dial in on the smallest details, the most indepth understanding of why movement occurs as it does, and how to select the most accurate correctives to be a problem solver.  

Before you attend the level-2 you will need to have a basic foundation of the fundamental patterns and movement sequences of the 7-Multi-Directional Movement Patterns:  

1. Jumping 2. Linear Acceleration 3. Max Velocity Sprinting 4. Lateral Acceleration Shuffle 5. Lateral Acceleration Lateral Run 6. Retreating Backpedal 7. Retreating Hip Turn

And, you will need to understand how the variation in these 7-Patterns cause adjustments, yet still apply the same principles of human movement based on biomechanics and physics.

We will go deep into the investigation of what deceleration means, and the difference between reacceleration and how we need to respect the momentum forces applied to soft-tissue and joints.  

The Three Phase Deceleration System will be detailed and how it is correlated to the strength performed in the weight-room: 

Phase-1- Hit the Position Phase-2- Control the Position Phase-3- Own the position  

This three-phase deceleration system will prepare you to work with return to play athletes, beginners with very low training age, and advanced and elite athletes coming off a long season.  

What Does Being A CSAC Lv. II Mean?

Being a Level-2 CSAC Elite means you will have an understanding of why we choose the corrective strategies we do. 

Seeing a low-functioning pattern and identifying the problem isn’t enough. You have to be able to select the appropriate exercise that will elicit the response the athlete needs. In order to do this, you will be educated on the three primary elements that determine skill acquisition success.  

1. Biomechanics- Postures and positions based on phase of movement. 2. Strength/Power- Ability to generate force to execute proper angles and alignments. 3. Motor Learning- Attainment of patterning that exists unconsciously and when called upon.  

Visual Identifying Skill-Set- One of the characteristics of an elite coach is the ability to quickly identify mal-patterning and have a high correlation for why it occurred. You will be taken through a comprehensive video analysis session with a focus on Model Disruptive Tendencies.  

How Does This Certification Test Work?

In order to gain as much hands-on experience as possible you will be grouped with two other attendees and will have the responsibility to be each of the following:  

1. Lead Instructor- you will lead the demonstrator through exercises 2. Demonstrator- you will perform the skills 3. Evaluator- you will give input to the Lead Instructor and Demonstrator on the spot. 

It is imperative that a Level-2 CSAC Elite dials in on the details of instructing the skills, ability to demonstrate proficiently, and develops an acute eye for recognition of effective instruction and movement.  

Testing Process  

You will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the material in the course by teaching the other members in your group. Perfection is not the goal, but a clear understanding of how multi-directional speed, biomechanics, physics, and general programming work is expected.  

When, Where, And How?

**This Level 2 course is only for those coaches who already have their Certified Speed & Agility Coach (CSAC).

Location: Athletes Acceleration 749 S. Washington St, North Attleboro, MA 02760 

Date: December 7-8, 2019

Cost: $495 $295 

The regular price of the CSAC Lv. II will be $495. Since this is our first time running this live certification, our inaugural group will only have to invest $295 (saving $200 for being our first coaches through). We are looking for only serious coaches that want to separate themselves and dive deep to improve their knowledge of speed development.

Since this is a hands-on certification, we are limited to only 30 coaches. Only 30 4 spots left!

Click the link below to register and be the NSPA's first coach to be a Certified Speed & Agility Coach Lv. II

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